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Post Cards 

After our illustrator project I have out my cards but I only received one back. I think my friend did some cool things to my card and I really like it especially because she was the cool kid who gave it... Continue Reading →


Final project proposal 

For my final I want to create a flower arrangement. I want to live trace images of flowers and include them in an arrangement of real flowers. 

Propaganda Project Proposal

For my poster I think I want to create something that talks about the recent Trump Muslim ban. I think this is a very apt subject for this project and Trump himself seems like the kind of person to use... Continue Reading →

Illustrator Identity Project

for my project I chose to create different tarot cards. These cards all have the main identifiers from most tarot decks to identify them as the cards that they are. I chose these cards because I only wanted to work... Continue Reading →

Self Portrait Proposal

For this project we have to create a self portrait. For me self portraiture is less about the face of the person, and more about representing them in a way that really helps to convey who they are as a... Continue Reading →

Photoshop Folded Book Images

Surreal Landscape Project

For my project I tried to create a kind of mythical landscape. I started out with this image: I took several photos of different locations, but ultimately ended up choosing this one because I thought it had a nice layout... Continue Reading →

Digital Media Artist 

The artist/installation that I found is called In Order To Control. The piece, an interactive typographical installation by Nota Bene, seeks to start discussions about morality and ethics. Using a pair of MacBook Pro's, an Xbox Kinect and two projectors,... Continue Reading →

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