For my project I tried to create a kind of mythical landscape. I started out with this image:


I took several photos of different locations, but ultimately ended up choosing this one because I thought it had a nice layout and would best let me do what I wanted to do. I used pictures of a felted unicorn and lots of different crystals to help me create my landscape.I knew going into the project I wanted to use the unicorn so I picked other things I had that I thought kind of went with the “theme” a unicorn creates. I used different angles of the unicorn and flipped and rotated it. I did the same with the crystals, but I also adjusted the color and saturation to make them all look a little different. I had to use the burn and dodge tools as well to put shadows under all my individual “pieces” because they really looked like they were floating if I didn’t. I also had to adjust the saturation and dodge the individual unicorns to make sure they had the right kind of lighting so they looked like they belonged in the picture. Overall I’m pretty happy with how my collage turned out. Obviously it’s far from believable, but I think there are lots of parts that I executed well that help to “sell” the image.