The artist/installation that I found is called In Order To Control. The piece, an interactive typographical installation by Nota Bene, seeks to start discussions about morality and ethics. Using a pair of MacBook Pro’s, an Xbox Kinect and two projectors, Bene casts a set type onto the gallery floor and invites viewers to step into the words. This is where the interaction begins. Once the viewer has stepped into the area of the projection the words they stand on are projected onto the wall in front of them in their own silhouette. Some phrases included in the projection include “What is fair is is not always legal. What is legal is not always fair.”, “To do nothing is sometimes the worst thing you can do.”, “Man in every era is both the victim and the killer” (taken from the artist’s website ) 

I really think this installation is unique. Of course lots of artists could recreate a similar piece, but the words used would be drastically different in every case because everyone thinks so differently. I would have loved to experience this as an exhibit, I can only imagine how thought provoking the experience would be.