The above are pictures of my group’s stick module. We started out all with basically the amen idea of creating a triangle and going from there, it seemed simple enough until we actually started to make the things. One of the very first issues I think we all encountered was that because of the way we created the triangles it was difficult to get such small edges to stick together and hold. Another issue we found when we started to assemble the entire module was that not everyone glued their triangles the same and not all the sticks were exactly even so nothing quite matched up how we had envisioned.  I think looking at the final product from the outside it looks like a finished piece, and for all intents and purposes it is. For me personally however, I think I’d like to see at least two more of the same modules to give it a sort of continuity and keep it from looking like a random prism thing. But then again, that is what it is..