I can’t say that I have a particular area of the arts I’m especially interested in. I like to do a little bit of anything and everything and because of that I’ve become a jack of all trades in a sense. The one thing I can say that I’m sure about is that I love to create functional art. I enjoy things that are made for the sake of just being made, like paintings, but I have a definitive fondness for things that are made to be both beautiful and functional. There is something incredibly satisfying to me about creating a piece of art that looks amazing and also serves a greater purpose than to sit around in a gallery. I want to create things that people will love to show off and look at and then put them to work in the real world. I want people to purchase my art and use it until it can’t be used anymore.

As far as expectations and what nots for 3D Comp, I’m excited to hopefully learn to think of space and use it in new ways that I can apply to my personal art. I’m also excited to see how my interpretations of assignments differ from my classmates. I love to see how people interpret general assignments differently, it’s a great way to broaden my perspectives on certain subjects as well as learn how other people think.